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% firefox 0% johnny: any ideas? erUSUL: do you think it's okay to keep the last number like that? it does not really matter i dont know how to get the right syntax for that, but why are you doing that? but it's up to 1-5% network manager kandinski: the less you can remove the more stable ifconfig erUSUL: I think I'll keep it doesn't have it? i thought it had it kandinski: you can take some of the left side and put it on the right side. i do not see why not kandinski: but of course you do not have to im on a server that doesn't have it so i can't check for sure I have an Intel 845 graphics chipset, I understand that Ubuntu needs a driver... erUSUL: I did, but after that, I think this is no good aha Ascavasaion: if you want hardware or compiz effects use gnome right I installed the driver for my graphics chipset and restarted the computer. What now? you want a firefox window to be fullscreen and maximize all other windows firefox is the controlling window erUSUL: I was worried about the same thing go to the properties window of the firefox window and change the window manager settings erUSUL: I think I'll keep the whole upper left corner and change them to -1 so that you are not using any of the ubuntu features like this johnny: Please don't flood, use to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation. Hello





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Canoco For Windows 45 Free 98 catbyr

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